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Individual Soldier of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Established in 2012 out of Essex Co. New Jersey, ISBJJ is a holistic company fueled by its passion and love for the sport of jiu jitsu. Our objective is to strengthen the foundation of all jiu jitsu newcomers along their journey to red belt providing valuable information through our videos and written text.  Through our social media we educate, motivate and humor our supporters. We look to grow the sport, motivate fighters and set a good example for future practitioners. We are not only fans of the sport, we are practitioners, just like you.


It seems that many companies only focus on champions. What about everyone else who puts in hours drilling, training, studying and either don’t compete or come in second or third? Are they NOT champions? Unless you are Rickson Gracie or born within a family that lives to fight, losing is just as important. EVERYONE who is someone today has lost once or twice in their career. We don’t cater to champions, in our eyes it’s the love and journey of the art that not only gets you medals, but can save your life.

On our website you will find articles to many topics that usually aren’t addressed in an academy. Nutritional hints, and workout tips. etc..

Although a small company, we help sponsored athletes by motivating and promoting them regardless of their outcomes in competitions. Hard work speaks for itself and THAT is what we promote! We answer all our tweets, comments, feedbacks, and emails. We said it once and we will say it again,¬†ISBJJ is not about the brand; it’s about you promoting yourself as an individual, a person who faces fear and overcomes challenges on and off the mat. A person who puts in the time, struggle and sacrifices to accomplish his/her goals.

With this in mind we welcome and represent Individual Soldiers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (ISBJJ)