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International School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a company that its main focus was to help beginner jiu jitsu practitioners? ISBJJ helps thousands of practitioners from all over the world to improve their fundamental technique to develop a solid jiu jitsu foundation. From commonly asked questions, tips, drills and even instructional videos, ISBJJ is your place to get started!

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Our channel is dedicated to talk about topics that will keep you on the mat longer and instructional videos to help you train smarter


Since it’s important to know the rules to the sport, we provide official IBJJF guidelines along with Renzo Gracie black belt Clark Ayala’s blog posts

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Shoot us a message. This is where we express our collective thoughts, ideas and communicate back to all of our supporters

What practitioners are saying about ISBJJ

…this channel has serious potential to be one of the best, if not THE best channel out there.

-Cashis Reynero

Hi!, I’m a fresh white belt (6 to 8 weeks of training) and I’ve watched nearly all of your vids. So, many thanks for your video’s, looking forward to the next one.

-Dominiek De Wilde

…your videos have helped me in my game so much and I have so much gratitude.

-Dylan F.

I found your channel and I really appreciate you putting together these videos, I’m a newcomer to BJJ and every little bit helps! Thank you!!

-Jay W. Hat

Your vibe is positive and your delivery on point!

-Josie Pratt

I’ve always looked forward to the video updates,you got me really interested in bjj,I should thank you as these are really helpful and beneficial guide,a big fan!keep them videos coming Clark!

-Abdul Hafiz

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